2 min readSep 8, 2018


Time, the most valuable resource!

Nobody has time these days. At least this is the analysis result coming from a lot of internet reading articles about productivity.

I’m running a 9 to 5 IT job, running a family of 3 for the rest of time and still have time to do something else.

You have not, right?

Everybody wants to read more about productivity because all articles suggest that it is not enough time.


If you NEED time and you WANT to have time, you will find this, so-called, “missing time”.

Let me tell you a story, in the last two months I have spent most of my time in a holiday period and in bed having big (or not… not knowing until now) problems with my right knee. And, thinking about time, and searching for some remote business workflow solution to run my job, I discover that the TIME is enough. I’m telling you, it is enough, but the lots of internet resources are saying something else.

I know that, maybe, I’m lucky having this job, hard to manage sometimes, but more fortunate to have my deadlines. I mean I can work on my own pace, with good people, and understanding boss.

Still, I have a calendar to run and some tasks lists to manage, but I have enough time for my family and me. So, I have time to learn more, reading a lot and being there when my family needs me.

In the end, I have a piece of small advice, try to look for your time instead of searching and reading productivity content on internet. Slowly you will find your time, guess where?

In your hand, at your disposal.