Mobile Life.

Hey guys, is not easy. Is not easy for me to start writing about this, is not easy because my entire life is based on change, a lot of changes, starting with houses, family styles, cars, not even mentioning here electronics or software (these are daily changes, for some reasons)…

Now let me drive you to a change that also, change my life. My personal life and the mobile one. Actually I would like to show you how I change my mobility life, but first I need to talk a little bit about a personal reason, who drives me changing the mobile one and change entire vision about technology.

Just in a few words, I was scared about leaving this world, coming from a piece of paper from a doctor. This change my life perception when I start thinking for couple of days until the final results comes in. During those days I start looking for what am I interested in the future and put everything in balance. Nobody know this switch, not even my lovely wife or my precious daughter.

So, something changed into my brain, I cannot really explain what while I’m not a specialist, and I start looking first at what I have, a beautiful life, than at what I have to change.

What this text is all about is about a change affects all of us in different moments, right? So, in combination with some needed work to be done during last night it came with this change that I want it to do from some time now.

It is not about life, eat, pray, love, it is about technology switch. Switch that I did it when my MacBook Pro doesn’t want to fulfill my work needs. So, even I was not entirely sure that the other piece of technology in my home will do that, I get a fresh breathe and go. I grab the iPad Pro and start typing to do the work and it feels great, the work was done in the background of my daily workout (I mention that change affects all of my life aspects), after the work finish line, I decide to go mobile with all my work and pleasure technology activities.

Being on iPad Pro, doing everything from mobile is not as easy as you can imagine, but until now all of my mobile or home work related tasks are done on iPad. Of course, at work I have a Mac mini doing the desk work related tasks, but in the rest on commute, on other business offices or in coffee shops, iPad Pro will be my mobile device to fulfill all life tasks coming in future.

Now with these pieces of hardware (iPad Pro, Apple keyboard and white amazing Apple pen) the big challenge coming from software. As an IT head I really need something to fulfill entire management of the department, so I start looking for software who can help me achieve that. First, I start looking to stock apps coming into iPad, and think how I can optimize the workflow. I also start teacher courses by Apple in order to be very, but very familiarized with their stock apps.

Mention 1: I’m using Apple hardware and software starting with first iPhone, so I have at least 400 apps (work or personal purposes, free, but most paid apps) in my Apps Store account, bit all of them installed on my iOS devices.

So, now I going to explain a little bit about the flow of information into my work and personal life:

  1. Emails — with all the team collaboration software and apps we are all still using the main tool for exchanging information and collaborate each other, email. For my work this one is the important tool so I’m using Mail app from Apple which is more than enough when is coming to send/receive information to and from my iPad Pro;
  2. Calendar — all the appointments are managed by the same Calendar app stock from Apple, it is the best app when coming to collaboration and simplicity of managing work and personal life;
  3. Tasks — same thing here, I’m using Reminder App which is synchronized with Exchange work related items and also on personal things, like shopping, family appointments, workouts or sport events lists. Right now I’m experimenting a new list called “Expenses” which will give me a flavor of all my expenses/budget during an entire month (I will give you more info later this year about how this list is rolling);
  4. Notes — Here I have some issues, like how to manage not only scanned docs, images about some other things to remember, or other files that I need to keep track. And when I say issues, is that I have not defined yet the exact flow with using only Notes app from Apple so I have another two (2) in use, like OneNote and Evernote, taking into consideration that I’m using at work OneNote notebook shared with my team, but I will get there in couple of months;
  5. Calculation — I’m using Calculator app which is more than enough for my needs of mathematics;
  6. Documentation — I’m using the flow from Apple in picturing with Camera app different things that I need and save it on Photos app or directly into one of the app managing my notes;
  7. Alarms — All my alarms and other world hours are, of course, managed by Clock app;
  8. Finances/Banking — I’m using proprietary app from my banks;
  9. Chats — Are managed by 3 main apps, the main one is Messages app from Apple connecting my family, the second one is WhatsApp and the third one is Telegram, you know why;
  10. Cloud storage — here is a whole saga about who is the best cloud storage solution, I’m using Dropbox app, in my opinion the best app for keeping your files in sync and shared with others, but a week ago, I have moved my files into iCloud, taking into consideration that I’m using in the office a Mac Mini computer, and I can say that Apple did a great job, using iCloud is easy for me now, with a paid subscription for more space; But for sure all the cloud storage solutions are good and safe (until now), so it is your choice in using one or the other;
  11. Remote — Working into a corporation we are using Windows computers and all microsoft environment in-office, so I had to choose the best solution for my remote sessions with office servers and computers, throughout company VPN, so I’m using AnyConnect app from Cisco and RD Client app from Microsoft for remote sessions, In my flow this is the best solution for my remote sessions;
  12. Collaborating — Skype and Skype for Business apps are main collaboration tools, everybody are using them fro business and personal;
  13. Writing & PDF’s — One of the best app that I found, after a gazillion of tries, is NoteShelf app which gives me the way of writing, of course with Apple Pen, my hand writing notes, importing and comments on PDF’s, and other papers that I have to markdown;
  14. Passwords — 1Password app gives me the best way of keeping passwords managed, you know about this app is one of the best ones on the market;
  15. Books — Keeping all bought, or imported books into Books app or Kindle app from Amazon; most of the books are found on Amazon online, and I’m fan of reading book on iPad, so going digital with this activity gives me the freedom and mobility;
  16. Social media — of course I’m using Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook apps like everybody else, so no new things here;
  17. Reading news/blogs — I’m using Medium, Reeder and Flipboard apps fro all my technology (and not only) article readings;
  18. Entertaining — I have a paid subscription, like all of us should have, for Apple music, Netflix , HBO, Soundcloud and Google music services and I’m using their apps; Also I’m using Breathe app for need of relaxing moments; Youtube for streaming videos and Audible fro speaking books and articles;

So, this is my flow, and now I have to manage this trough iPad Pro, which is a fantastic piece of hardware. And I have, in the end, something to add for closure:

  • I don’t need to save documents, note or screenshots, I mean to have another operations for saving this once you setup the cloud storage solution and is working for you;
  • Second one is that the battery is fantastic, even with the beta iOS 11 the life is more easy (physically and mentally) with an iPad Pro, believe me.

I should mention at the end that this is not a paid article or an advertisement for any of the hardware or software/apps mentioned above so play nice if you have any comment or question.

I would love to hear about your mobility life and the solution in place for this mobility. Mine is improving day by day, and if I have something that I left over means is not important or I’m not using is daily.



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