iOS or Android

“Citizens” who have known me for some time know that I have always considered iOS to be the most stable and “secure” operating system for mobile devices in our iPhone and iPad.

And so it is, especially as it is a big battle now on the privacy/confidentiality/ personal data / etc

And continuing along the same line, being a little bit “but a bit of paranoia” with security, and reading a lot about this subject, I still consider that iOS being an operating system much “darker” than the rest, is somewhat more secure than the rest of the operating systems.

And I still have to say that I was (and still are) attracted to the design of the Apple ecosystem (in general), and to the simplicity of the services they provide to customers who can spend a considerable amount of budget money (iPhone XS costs around 1000 euros).

However, there is always a BUT, more recently, more precisely since the beginning of December 2018, I am the owner of a Google Pixel 3 Xl.

What does this mean and what is the connection with our discussion?

I’ll explain right away.

The link is Google Pure Android 9 (Piece of the latest Android version), clean from its mother, America!

Bestial, I’m in love … not only with the hardware but also with the new Android as he let me find him at the end of the year 2018.

Simple, with a remarkable design (material design on almost all applications), simplicity and ease of use and no further to the subject “secure enough” for my paranoia.

Switching from iOS to Android is not simple. Is not simple because of two different ecosystem settings and apps, but if you want this, have patience you can succeed, not easily but you will at the end.

And taking into consideration all the changes that Google did or will do shortly, maybe you will consider that privacy and security on Google (especially on the Enterprise suite which will cost you few euros per month) is right now the best one.

I have a “but” here, please do not read all the articles about what mobile OS is better, there are many so-called “specialists” out there, which they didn’t even try to see the differences.

Better is to try, try for yourself and then you will comment here, maybe I didn’t have your mobile OS expectations, or I miss something.




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