Waking up in Romania is a matter of hope… We are all waking up with a hope of a better life, a better “tribes”, a better health… an so on.

Just waking up with those hopes and thinking of how my 50’s will be… 2021 will be the first in this new decade, for me and probably for some of you, also.

Therefore, I’m thinking of some other things to do with my life. …

Pandemic still here, people still locked in their homes, few people outside on the city streets…

I was reading about the new trend coming from work from home situation during pandemic, that people are going out of cities, moving families to the country side… or even in more long drive remote locations.

Which is fine when thinking about the tehchnical opportunities in working from another remote locations than office.

Country side in Romania

The nice part is that with a laptop and 4G connection you can run your team very easy from a miles away location. That brings us back to the city. …

Remote work or work from home?

With this pandemic, companies start looking more for “work from home” solutions, and they are asking/searching about these solutions.

There is a difference, between remote work and working from home.

Of course tools, maybe are the same, but the environment is not. Staying at home with your laptop is not the same like staying, let’s say, on a beach with your laptop.

I have only two girls at home, somehow not all the time together, but still I’m missing my office. …

You know me… ahh, actually you don’t know me. Let me introduce myself, I’m an Apple user, not a fanboy, but an user, who learn, teach and worked on windows couple of years (more than 10 actually). Of course today I have a MacBookPro and a Lenovo ThinkPad X1, doing/running business on both operating systems.

Of course I’m using more for company business the Windows 10 and for personal business Mac OSX. All of my work/data/content resides on both operating system, counting “some” amount of money and couple of months finding related apps for both operating systems.

Once, during this…

“Citizens” who have known me for some time know that I have always considered iOS to be the most stable and “secure” operating system for mobile devices in our iPhone and iPad.

And so it is, especially as it is a big battle now on the privacy/confidentiality/ personal data / etc

And continuing along the same line, being a little bit “but a bit of paranoia” with security, and reading a lot about this subject, I still consider that iOS being an operating system much “darker” than the rest, is somewhat more secure than the rest of the operating systems.


Time, the most valuable resource!

Nobody has time these days. At least this is the analysis result coming from a lot of internet reading articles about productivity.

I’m running a 9 to 5 IT job, running a family of 3 for the rest of time and still have time to do something else.

You have not, right?

Everybody wants to read more about productivity because all articles suggest that it is not enough time.


If you NEED time and you WANT to have time, you will find this, so-called, “missing time”.

Let me tell you a story, in the…

for 5 mourning days I was here…

After 36 years from the first loss, 28 years from the second one and 16 years from the last one, I start mourning.

My father, my brother and the last one, my mother they are gone from this world, and I remained alone until 10 years ago. No regrets, no feelings about my losses, everything was inside, deeply hidden inside in order to gave the power I need to go further.

Every-time, my attention was not to lose what God gave me 10 years ago. …

Am primit pe twitter o recomandare de a semna petiția pentru un transport bucureștean smart. Și voi puteți citi pe acest website ce înseamnă acest lucru: bucuresti-smartcity.ro

Și este o inițiativă interesantă, însă încă nu sunt convins că va asculta cineva. Și asta pentru că nu cunosc, poate nu am toate informațiile, vreo petiție online care să fii schimbat ceva. Însă voi puteți demonstra asta, prin exemplele pe care le aveți. Dacă le aveți.

Oricum ar fi, cred că încă nu am ajuns acolo, departe, la nivelul în care să ne asculte cineva, online și să gândească niște soluții ascultând propuneri online.

Ăștia nu ascultă (nu mereu) când țipăm pe strada, în fața clădirilor lor…

Ce părere aveți?

windows vs. mac

Taking into consideration my related work project I said to give a try for my second (work) laptop, running windows 10 (last working build).

I wanna say that: this is not a technical comparison between those two.

So, trying to enroll my windows PC into the work project I discover an incompatibility and decide to restore it to default and start fresh a new Windows OS, then try again.

Starting the cleaning operation and restoring the OS yesterday morning business day. Today after 6 hours sleep the computer is not ready to start the business operation (24+).

I don’t know…

Când ne trezim?

De la Uber la Codruța toți ținem să ne spunem părerile. O nație de păreriști, ăștia suntem, asta știm cel mai bine să facem.

Probabil mai sunt și alte nații pe pământ care fac ceea ce facem noi cel mai bine, povestim, însă nu mai pot, la muncă nu mai vrea nimeni fără 1000 de euro lunar. Nu contează că de abia ai ieșit de pe băncile facultății, nu contează postul pe care candidezi, tu, tot vrei banii ăștia. Pentru că altfel nu muncești.

Nu mai bine în politică, sau mai bine scrii tu pe blog sau te înregistrezi pe youtube… măcar acolo, gândești tu, că vei câștiga odată 1000 de euro…

Probabil… că nu, nu vei câștiga niciodată bani ușor, înainte de a fi mucit mulți ani buni înainte.

Dragii mei, hai la muncă, nu la povești pe cine știe ce rețea socială de mare consum…

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